You’ve heard of life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, disability insurance, property insurance, and liability insurance.

Think that pretty much covers it? Think again.

Since the early 1900’s, celebrities have been taking out insurance policies on certain parts of their body that they believe have made them big bucks.

It might seem a bit absurd (and it is), but why not? Wouldn’t you want to protect your most valuable asset?

Whether it’s considered ridiculous or responsible, this growing trend is nowhere near slowing down. Below is a list of ten celebrities who have purchased the most bizarre insurance policies for their most prized possessions.

The Wackiest of the Wacky Celebrity Insurance Policies

  1. Ben Turpin, silent film comedian, made history as the first celebrity to insure a body part when he took out a $25,000 insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London on his famous crossed eyes.
  2. When Mariah Careyinsured her legs for $1 billion, she beat out other celebrities such as Heidi Klum and David Beckham as having the most expensive insurance policy on this particular part of the body.
  3. While acting as the spokesperson for Aquafresh’s White Trays, America Ferrera’ssmile was insured by the company for $10 million!
  4. We’ve all seen Gene Simmons’exceptionally long tongue, but did you know that his lengthy licker is worth $1 million? That’s right – in 2011 Mr. Simmons took out and insurance policy on his 6-7 inch tongue.
  5. Bruce Springsteen, American singing icon, proactively protectedhis money-making voice when he took out an insurance policy for $31.2 million on his vocal chords.
  6. Though a number of celebrities have insured their voluptuous bosoms, none have priced them higher than Holly Madison, who recently insured her breasts for $1 million.
  7. Wine Expert Angela Mountchose to take precautionary measures to protect her fortune by insuring her taste buds for $16 million.
  8. As the person attached to one of the most celebrated derrieres in history, it is only fitting that Jennifer Lopez would insure her most appealing asset for $300 million.
  9. Merv Hughes, former cricket star, took out an insurance policy not on his arms or any body part remotely affecting his game, but instead on his trademark mustache. The thick and distinctive stash is reported to be insured for $370,000.
  10. Troy Polamalu’s moves on the football field aren’t the only thing that has garnered him national attention. After Head and Shoulders began to run ads featuring Polamalu’s luscious locks, the company took out a $1 million insurance policy to protect their spokesperson’s extraordinary head of hair.

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