Do you hate your job? Do you want to make money fast? I have the job for you, but it requires you to look like a celebrity. It would help if this celebrity were quite famous, too. If you think you look identical enough to a famous person, why not make some money from it?


An ordinary man from Philadelphia struck fame after realizing he looked just like Alan from The Hangover. After being left by his wife and not shaving for a while, a lightbulb went on.

The man’s name is Thaddeus Kalinoski, a previous restaurant manager who is now making a six figure salary. Thaddeus impersonates Zach Galifianakis’s character Alan from The Hangover. This one man wolfpack doesn’t need the restaurant business anymore. Thaddeus makes $250,000 a year.

Thaddeus frequently appears in public and attends loads of events for the fame and of course money. It’s fair to say he lives a lavish lifestyle partying and hanging out with many well-known faces. He doesn’t just drink socially to have a good time with his clients though. He has to. Thaddeus must keep his appearance similar to Alan’s.


What helps Thaddeus is that Zach Galifianikis isn’t just a good actor, but he played such an interesting character in The Hangover. Alan is truly the odd one out in The Hangover as he identifies himself as always being part of a one man wolfpack. Without Alan’s odd character and strange behavior, Thaddeus wouldn’t be able to have nearly as much fun as he does if he were just a straight-arrow actor out of a love story.


The people he sees frankly don’t mind that he’s not the real Zach Galifianakis. He looks and acts identical enough to his character. I would have no shame trying to pass him off as the real person in pictures. Can you imagine that though? Waking up one morning, looking in the mirror, and saying I really look like (insert celebrity name).

Depending on who you are and if you’re a people person or not this could be quite annoying. This would especially be the case if you’re not trying to pass for a celebrity. It would also be bad for the celebrity if the impersonator did something negative and was mistaken for the actual person.

If you want to bring some liveliness to one of your events or gatherings, you can book Thaddeus for $1000 a gig. He doesn’t fail to deliver Alan’s character. He dresses and plays Alan tremendously as he was even used as a double in The Hangover III.

Thaddeus being left by his wife and neglecting his appearance ultimately led to his fame. This man must now sing that he believes in miracles as Barry White once did. Thaddeus told the Daily Mail “I still have to pinch myself that I actually make a living doing this.”


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