Taylor Swift and Matt Healy were trying for a relationship, according to reports, but they just can’t seem to get things going between themselves. Swift has famously said that she wasn’t looking to be set up on dates and didn’t want to date anyone so that no one would get hurt. Apparently, all of her rules went out the window when The 1975 singer came into the picture. Unfortunately, things are at a standstill between the famous pair.

A source revealed to Hollywood Life, “There hasn’t been anything to enhance the relationship or anything to ruin the relationship with Matt. It’s currently at a standstill. Taylor and Matt are doing career stuff and that’s more important to her and he’s giving her space. Plus, he is heading overseas and long distance is not anything they want at all. It’s currently, at best, on pause.”

Taylor Swift and Matt Healy would make a good looking couple, but both have different priorities as they continue their work as singers. For the coming year, Swift has plans for a new song with Beyonce. A source said, “Taylor Swift’s birthday was not just a fun celebration, it was also a business meeting for her, Jay-Z, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. Name me four other people that are more powerful in the music world right now. Jay-Z is obviously aware of this and he is the ultimate business man. He knows that Taylor is an extreme powerhouse. He has told Taylor his ideas – he wants to do music with her, and he also wants her to do music with Beyonce.”

Taylor Swift and Matt Healy may not be able to make things work with regard to their current schedules, but we can always root for them to find each other again in the future. If not, who do you think Taylor Swift should date? Hit the comments below and have your say!

[Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi via Flickr]

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