It has been confirmed that Susan Boyle now has a boyfriend. For the first time at the age of 53, the Scottish singer has found romance. According to Boyle, she met her Prince Charming during one of her US tours earlier this year.

The chart-topping performer divulged on the details in an interview with the Sun. While she did not release the name of her new beau, she did say that he is an American doctor and that the two met at a hotel. After a brief conversation, the two had dinner, and he has since made plans to visit her at her West Lothian home. Boyle wouldn’t say any more about who the man is out of respect for his privacy but did add that he is about the same age as she is and that “he was a very nice guy.”

News of Susan Boyle having a boyfriend is definitely good news for the singer considering some of the turmoils in her life. Last year, she revealed that she had been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. She talked about the difficulties of the condition but ultimately does not view it as a disability but rather as a problem that can be managed.

Boyle rose to fame as a contestant in Britain’s Got Talent in 2008. Though she came in as a runner-up, she has since amassed a loyal following of diehard fans, and her albums have sold over 20 million worldwide. It’s not just her soprano-like voice that has won the heart of fans; it’s also her originality. She doesn’t have the looks that Hollywood would classify as beautiful, but that is also what fans like about her. Her appearance is real and she has made a name for herself without conforming to mainstream media’s definition of sexy.

Fans are delighted that Susan Boyle has boyfriend. She has previously disclosed that not only has she never dated but she has also never been kissed.

[photo credit: Bert Kommerij]