Stephen Collins’ molestation investigation may prove to be fruitless because of the statute of limitations surrounding the claims, according to the latest reports. Authorities were tipped off by Collins’ wife Faye Grant after the actress recorded his confession during a therapy session and then allegedly leaked it to the media.

Collins’ molestation claims involved the former “7th Heaven” actor exposing himself to three girls — one as young as ten-years-old. Reportedly, he used his status as a celebrity in order to gain access to the girls. It would seem like an open and shut case for investigation, but the statute of limitations has come into play, thus leaving no room for prosecution.

For the alleged victims involved in the investigation, not being able to prosecute Collins for his crimes may prove to be a tough pill to swallow. While we are sure that Grant meant well with the information being dispensed to the public, it appears that the only thing this will do now is prevent him from obtaining any more work.

TMZ reports:

But law enforcement sources in all 3 police departments tell TMZ … the cases will go nowhere. All 3 cases are decades old, and our sources say prosecution would be barred by the statute of limitations.

The NYPD case is the one with the best argument that the statute hasn’t run … as we reported the victim came forward in 2012 and spoke with NY detectives. But that case involves an incident in the 70s and we’re told law enforcement has all but given up on a viable case.

Grant has alleged Collins molested a child while he was shooting “7th Heaven” — sometime between 1996 and 2007 — but we’re told no such victim has come forward.

Although it looks like Collins will not be prosecuted — assuming no one else comes forward — he will still have to deal with the molestation issue in court. His divorce trial is next month, and Grant plans to raise the issue because she wants her portion of the assets protected in case one of the victims files suit. And he plans to raise the issue because he claims she used the audio to extort him.

His only real punishment may prove to be his inability to find work in the entertainment business in the future, but time will tell.

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