Bill Hader hosted Saturday Night Live on October 11 and he brought with him perhaps one of the most popular SNL characters of all time — Stefon.

Weekend Update’s most flamboyant guest returned to talk about murder clubs, MTV’s Dan Cortese, and his surprising pregnancy with Seth Meyers.

According to Stefon, Seth Meyers couldn’t be with him during film, because he is currently house hunting for the happy couple.

Stefon, always the politically correct guest of Weekend Update, referred to Collin Jost and Michael Che as “Mitt and Barack” and told them hubby Meyers spent his time “at home practicing how to sit behind a desk,” a reference to his job as the host of Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Stefon’s last appearance on Saturday Night Live was back in February, when he gave a big send off to longtime SNL alum Seth Meyers. That send off included the two improv stars declaring their unrequited love for one another in a memorable SNL moment.Bill Hader as Stefon

Last night, In true Stefon fashion, he explained some of New York City’s hottest clubs, “New York’s hottest club is Whimsy,” he began. “Condemned by GLAAD and EPA from Ghostbusters, this old, wet Band Aid found in a jacuzzi is the kind of place that makes you feel weird the next time you see your parents.”

Watching Bill Hader reprise his Stefon role, while laughing through half the skit, it was immediately apparently that even Hader still can’t get enough of his famous character.

Check out the clip at the top of this post if you are a fan of “that thing where” Stefon says stuff that makes you laugh for really inappropriate reasons.

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