Facebook Sponsored StoriesNew in 2012, Facebook will be adding its “sponsored stories” to users Timeline (which will likely delight marketers, but may not make users quite as happy to have more advertising in their newsfeeds. To avoid offending customers, marketers should make sure their messages strike the right tone for social media, which is more about communication than consumerism. Speaking of social media marketing, this new study of college students’ Facebook activity finds that friends don’t influence each other as much as previously thought) (Ad Age, reg required) (TechCrunch)

We have nearly a whole year to wait for ‘The Hobbit’ movie  (which, based on our Facebook and Twitter feeds following the release of the trailer, might be just as hotly anticipated as “The Hunger Games.” We have to admit, this film looks kind of amazing) (Flavorwire)

We’re intrigued by the The Startup Store (which features products from burgeoning businesses. Seeing how pop up shops featuring Etsy and other lesser-known designers have taken off in recent years, we think Millennials will be equally excited about this more permanent version of that concept) (Fast Company)

Tweens are truly inbetweeners when it come to the brands and products that are relevant to them. They’re too grown up for the kiddie toys of the earlier years, but not quite mature enough for the products and brands that they’ll enjoy in their teen years. So what is on their wishlists this holiday season?) (Youthbeat)

iTunes, Amazon, Vevo, and other online music sellers are finally carrying (parental warning labels on their content. To date, iTunes, for example, has only noted explicit lyrics song by song, and did not include parental warnings on collections. We wonder if it will make much of a difference, because there is no sales person to ensure that young listeners can’t buy inappropriate material) (Mashable)

We had fun reading Contagious magazine’s recap of the important cultural moments (of 2011. It’s a great roundup of the events, products, technology, ad campaigns, and social issues that impacted Millennials and will likely remain relevant in the coming year)

If charming holiday messages aren’t your thing (Blammo is here just in time to lend a little sarcasm to the season. This video is for non-believers only. Speaking of the holiday season, just a reminder that Ypulse will be taking the day off December 23rd to celebrate. We’ll see you again on the 26th to count down the days to 2012) (AgencySpy)