The classic film, “The Sound of Music,” was recently remade with Carrie Underwood staring as Maria, played by Julia Andrews in the original. The remake was a live version that premiered on NBC on December 5th called “The Sound of Music Live!” It was the first live-staged musical to take place in 50 years and overall, seemed to be successful. It got a lot of viewers for it’s one night showing and was ranked No. 1 in prime time with 18.5 million viewers.

Although a lot of people tuned in either out of excitement for an updated version of the beloved musical, or out of curiosity of whether it would be able to live up to the original, it got a lot of mixed reviews. In many scenes, there was strange lighting that would turn everyone and the set on the stage unusual shades.

Carrie Underwood, being a previous American Idol winner, did a great job performing the songs in the musical, however, many viewers thought that her acting came off as cold. However, she was not the only one that did not have the best acting during the show. People feeling unsatisfied with the acting could also do with the writing. There were times that there would be awkward gaps between dialog and sometimes it would feel forced.

However, there were also some who really enjoyed it. The original was perfect in a lot of people’s eyes, so naturally they are going to have problems with any remake, whether it’s good or not. Carrie Underwood is not Julia Andrews. They are completely different people and have different singing and acting abilities so it’s unfair to compare them. The role is very difficult to pull off and Carrie Underwood deserves some props for taking on the role. She also brought a lot of energy to the role and gave it her all.

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