Who is the most annoying person on the plane? Sir Patrick Stewart can show you how to be all the the top five worst people to share a seat with. He appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to do just that.

Kimmel explains that Expedia has recently released a list of the top five worst airline passengers, as submitted by customers, and that, rather than reading them to the audience, he thought having a demonstration would be more entertaining. The curtain rises to reveal Sir Patrick Stewart seated on a plane, and hilarity ensues.

Watch the full clip below.

Stewart’s poor co-passengers suffer being chattered at, having a book ending spoiled, having stinky day-old tuna and cheese waved at them, being climbed over, and more. At the end, it’s Stewart cheering the flight crew for a safe landing, but it may be his fellow passengers who are the happiest to be on the ground, to finally escape the obtrusive and difficult character he’s been portraying!

The top five most annoying passengers, as described by Expedia and re-enacted by Stewart, are:

  • Chatty Charlie
  • Stinky Snacker
  • Seat Climber
  • Seat Kicker
  • Landing Clapper

Which is the most annoying person on the plane? The Expedia poll found the Seat Kicker at the lop of the list, with over two thirds of respondents agreeing that no other plane behavior is more annoying. In fact, the Seat-Kicker unseated Inattentive Parents, the previous winner of the non-prize.

The poll also showed that in increasing number of people are in favor of ‘passenger shaming,’ in which one films or photographs the poor behavior of flight-mates in order to share it on social media, and that over a third are in favor of complete bans on seat reclining.

The survey also uncovered that 5% of passengers ‘have been intimate’ on a plane. It’s not quite clear whether Sir Patrick Stewart’s seat-climbing routine is included in that statistic. What behavior do you think makes someone the most annoying person on a flight?