On Friday, following what can only succinctly be described as “erratic and crazy” behavior, actor Shia LaBeouf announced that he was retiring from public life.

The crazy behavior started when LeBeouf was called out for basically plagiarizing graphic novelist Daniel Clowes’ Justin M. Damiano in his [LaBeouf’s] short film, HowardCantour.com. When he apologized, it became clear that he was plagiarizing his apology from Yahoo! Answers. And that was just the beginning. He went on to plagiarize from several other sources (including celebrities like Kanye West and Lena Dunham.

LaBeouf brought it full circle when he tweeted what he claimed was the storyboard for his next short, “Daniel Boring.” Daniel Boring is another Clowes work. Even the description LaBeouf used was plagiarized.

Following that, he began tweeting images of the Cease and Desist letter that his lawyer received from Clowes’ lawyer.

He even went as far as to change the cover photo on his Twitter account to an image of the C&D letter.

During this time, he was also tweeting all kinds of other bizarre things from the past like #KONY2012 and #Y2K. It seems like Amanda Bynes’ absence from Twitter left an opening and Shia thought he would fill it. It still isn’t clear if it was all just a publicity stunt, although it seems that way.

Sadly, his retirement from public life was short-lived. On Saturday, he returned to Twitter.

Shia LaBeouf certainly isn’t the only celebrity that we wish would just go away (he might just be the first one for 2014). Here are some others that should consider retiring from public life, as well.

13 Other Celebrities Who Need to “Retire From Public Life”

1. The Kardashians

(images source: kardashianempire.tumblr.com)

Please, please just make them go away. All of them. Every single one. The Jenner ones too.

And speaking of Harry Styles…

2. Harry Styles

Call me old (and maybe I am) but I don’t “get” One Direction. Sure, I guess when I was a teenage girl, everyone was freaking out about whether Nick Carter or Justin Timberlake was cuter (and clearly the answer is Justin Timberlake because have you seen Nick Carter lately?). But all of a sudden, this boy band is it and everyone loves Harry Styles, who is apparently some kind of charming heartbreaker? I don’t really know. I don’t get his hair.

I guess maybe it’s because he’s got dimples and he’s in a band and has tattoos but it’s mostly because he’s British? I’m sorry, teenage girls. Please don’t hurt me.

And speaking of Harry Styles…

3. Taylor Swift

Oh my gosh, we get it. Girl meets boy and falls in love. Girl and boy break up. Girl writes a song about it. Or girl mocks the boy at the VMAs (as was the case following the Taylor Swift/Harry Styles breakup in 2013). Or girl gets her speech ruined by Kanye and then comes back a year later to perform an overdramatic song about it. It was interesting the first one or two times. And honestly, I kind of liked Taylor Swift when she first hit the mainstream because she was just so cute and fun… and admittedly it was mostly because I really liked the Crossroads show she did with Def Leppard.

And then she just fell in love with herself. AND OMG DID YOU KNOW THAT HER FAVORITE NUMBER IS 13!?!?

And now I’m completely over it. Who cares who the song is about? I can’t tolerate it unless goats are involved.

…Or Gollum. Mostly Gollum.

… And speaking of Kanye… 

4. Kanye West

See how it all comes full circle? I don’t even know where to start with Kanye. I mean, there’s the whole “Kimye” thing. There’s the fact that he must have been part of the decision-making process that allowed a baby to be named NORTH WEST. There’s the fact that he makes some really questionable comments about women. And he’s probably the most in love with himself.

Although I think my favorite thing pertaining to Kanye West was the time Josh Groban (who is very funny) sang Kanye West tweets.

5. Justin Bieber

This one actually needs to happen for Biebs’ own good. He’s a ticking time-bomb on the highway to celebrity implosion. We’ve seen it in his erratic behavior over the past year or so, and scandal seems to have been surrounding him for some time. Call it a result of catapulting into fame at a young age. Remember this guy?

In just a few years, he grew up to be this guy:

Right around Christmas, Bieber actually tweeted that he was officially retiring from the music business. His statements were somewhat contradictory, though, so whether he actually retires remains to be seen. Some time off would do him good, though.

6. Lindsay Lohan

Her newest thing is that someone stole her computer in Shanghai. It was (surprise!) possibly full of naked pictures. She needs help. She needs to retire from public life and get help.

7. Alec Baldwin

Question: How many unnecessary and over-the-top, offensive rage fits can someone have before no one gives a crap if they’re still around anymore?

Answer: At least one less than however many Alec Baldwin has had now.

8. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen went off the rails back in 2011 when he started tweeting about #Winning and tiger’s blood. The media frenzy has since subsided and he got axed from Two and a Half Men, but he’s still around… for some reason. I’d be okay with him retiring from public life. I’d be okay with him retiring to another planet.

9. Nicki Minaj

You can only do so many over-the-top things before the shock value wears off. She lost me with the whole multiple personalities and the exorcism performance. There was some interest when it came to the “feud” with Mariah Carey (was it real? Was it for ratings? Who knows), but… meh.

10. Lady Gaga

Still, there’s no one who does “over-the-top” quite like Lady Gaga. It was interesting throughout 2009 and into 2010. And then it just got old.

11. Snooki

I’m sure there are a few of these with which people will disagree. I think one thing we can all agree upon, though, is that Snooki just needs to fade into oblivion post haste.

13. Miley Cyrus

This one probably needs no explanation. She was widely regarded as the most annoying celebrity of 2013.

I’ll give her one thing… she doesn’t care what people think about her at all. Maybe that’s “just being Miley.” But still.

Who else needs to retire from public life this year?