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While attending a STEM conference, Michael Green and Bob Mackey, quickly hit it off. Michael, a teacher, and Bob, an advocate for disadvantaged youth, became fast friends which has lead to many collaborations and partnerships over the years. Together, the pair has invented the Yono Clip and have come to the Shark Tank seeking $150,000 in exchange for 15% equity in their company.

The Yono Clip is a portable, compact, and inexpensive multi-purpose hook that can stick to any non-porous horizontal, vertical or diagonal surface such as metal, glass, and wood. Utilizing suction cup technology to increase the strength of the bond, the Yono Clip can easily hang handbags and other personal items from tables, walls, and other surfaces to keep them off of public floors. The product also includes a carabiner clip which can be utilized for hanging items from the underside of tables.

Because Yono Clip is in the early stages of development, Michael and Bob are still creating the product using 3D printers in their garage. Their manufacturing processes are limited to their equipment which will not allow them to scale the growth of the company in the way that will create long-term success. The pair are looking to partner with a Shark that can help them contract manufacture the product so that they can properly begin to market and sell the product. They believe that if they can move from a 3D printed product to a molded product they can cut down on manufacturing costs significantly and increase their margins.

Although the Sharks really like their pitch, spirit, and drive as entrepreneurs, they are very hesitant because the company is still in proto-type phase. This makes it difficult to establish the need in the market and to ensure that they will get their investment back. Although several Sharks offered to help them, they were not willing to fully invest in the company. Just when it looked as though Yono Clip wasn’t going to get a deal, Daymond John offered to invest $150,000 but for 30% equity in the company. He will have to put a lot of work into it but all the Sharks agree that he is the perfect partner for Michael and Bob. They accepted his offer and are very excited to work with Daymond.

If you were a Shark, would you have invested in Yono Clip? Do you think that this was a wise investment for Daymond? Would you have excepted his offer even if it meant giving up 30% of the company? Start the conversation in the comments below!