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Ten-year-old, Cassidy Crowley, shocked the Shark Tank by delivering a very eloquent and thoughtful pitch to the Sharks in regards to her product, The Baby Toon. Cassidy invented The Baby Toon when she was just seven years old through a science fair in first grade. She was looking to solve a common problem and noticed that her baby sister loved to chew on all of the wrong things. Cassidy decided to create the first prototype of The Baby Toon made from silicone.

The Baby Toon is a spoon and a teether all in one and an easily be secured to a baby’s clothing using a pacifier clamp. This prevents the baby from throwing their spoon and having a teether close by at all times to have something soft and pliable yet safe to chew on. Cassidy wants to inspire other kids and help them to see that they too can invent a product and have an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, however, she also wants to get back to just being a kid and focusing on her school work. That’s where the Sharks come in.

Cassidy would like to partner with a Shark who is willing to invest $50,000 in the company in exchange for 50% ownership. Although the product is protected through patents, has excellent margins and is a very practical solution to a common problem, the Sharks are most impressed with Cassidy. They love her poise, grit, and determination. The Sharks were blown away by how effortlessly she explained concepts around her product development such as the durometer of the silicone.

Lori Greiner felt very strongly that she needed to partner with Cassidy and offered her exactly what she asked, $50,000 for a 50% share of the company. Cassidy happily accepted and was very excited to partner with Lori.

What did you think of Cassidy’s pitch? Would you buy this product? Do you think that this was a worthwhile investment for Lori? Start the conversation in the comments below!

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