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Whether they are spending the day at the beach or showcasing their product in the Shark Tank, the Clark Family enjoys spending time together. They like being together so much, that they decided to develop a product that allows them to spend more time together outdoors. Their patent-pending product, Tandem Boogie, is a redesigned boogie board with an aerodynamic design that accommodates multiple passengers. When not in use, Tandem Boogie folds up into a compact package with an included air pump, allowing for easy transportation and inflation. Another exclusive feature is that it sports a camera mount for easily taking pictures and videos of your family fun on the beach.

The Clark family has come to the Shark Tank seeking $100,000 in exchange for 10% equity. They are hoping to land a strategic partner that is able to help them with fulfillment and distribution. Because they are a brand new company that just launched from Kickstarter, they are still trying to logistically figure out how to run their business. Currently, each member of the family has a specific role in the Tandem Boogie business, but they are hoping to shorten their learning curve by bringing a Shark on board.

Aside from direct-to-consumer sales, the Sharks feel that Tandem Boogie should look into working with surf shops to rent out their product to maximize their value. Although the Sharks are concerned that watersports can be a tough market, they also know that more families are spending time outside together which has increased the nationwide demand for products like Tandem Boogie. Daniel Lubetzky and Robert Herjavec decided to partner and invest $100,000 in exchange for 35% equity. Although the Clarks were not hoping to give up that much equity, they are aware that they really need the help of the Sharks to begin growing their business. They accept their partnership and investment offer.

If you were an investor in the Shark Tank, would you have invested in Tandem Boogie? Do you think that the Clark family made a mistake giving up so much equity in their company? Sound off in the comments below!