drfuenteshernandez / Pixabay

Husband and wife duo, Cindy and Gabe Trevizo, learned what many parents know to be true–it’s impossible to keep kids’ hands clean. Although the best way to keep up with recommended hand-washing hygiene is through tried and true soap and water, Cindy and Gabe found that it is is very difficult to be able to use soap and water while on the go. Because it wasn’t always possible to find running water and soap, the pair decided to create a portable handwashing device, suds2go. Their patent-pending, portable devices easily allow consumers to carry foam soap and a small reservoir of water to thoroughly wash hands on the go. The reusable suds2go product can be refilled and used over and over. Cindy and Gabe also developed a pocket version that connects to any standard disposable water bottle and holds 30 pumps of hand soap. With an affordable price tag, an innovative design and great margins the Sharks are interested in learning more about suds2go.

Cindy and Gabe are looking for a business partner willing to invest $200,000 in exchange for 10% equity in suds2go. The pair are hoping to work with a Shark who is able to help them fast track their business and be competitive in the global market that is very sensitive to handwashing in light of the pandemic. The Trevizo’s are also looking for a Shark that can help them with the logistics and distribution of their product given the rapid demand for suds2go.

Since launching on their website on February 1st, suds2go has sold $392,000 worth of product, catching the Sharks’ attention. Unfortunately, Kevin O’Leary already is invested in a competitive company and therefore can not invest in suds2go. Daymond John offers to invest $200,000 for 22.5%. Robert Herjavec is also interested in partnering with suds2go and offers $200,000 for 15% equity. Because they would like to keep as much equity in the business as possible, The Trevizo’s accept Robert’s investment offer.

If you were Cindy and Gabe, which of the Sharks would you have chosen to partner with? Do you think the other Sharks will regret not investing in suds2go? Start the conversation in the comments below!