FeeLoona / Pixabay

Husband and wife duo, Gabe and Jessica Miller, have finally solved a problem that has plagued parents and caregivers for ages: baby socks. Although it seemed nearly impossible to create a sock that a baby or toddler couldn’t pull off, Squid Socks found a way. Using their patent-pending squiddy dot technology, Squid Socks stay on children’s feet to prevent lost socks and cold feet.

Although the initial indicators are pointing towards a successful product line, Gabe and Jessica are looking for a strategic partner that would be willing to invest $125,000 in exchange for 20% equity in Squid Socks. The Millers are looking for a Shark that can help them sort out their repeated inventory and manufacturing issues while growing their business. With margins sitting above 50%, Squid Socks’ current sales are $40,000 over 16 months. This includes production downtime while they sourced a new manufacturer.

Several of the Sharks were interested in investing in Squid Sock and felt that the best approach to growing their business would be to partner with existing sock companies so that they do not have to stress about the market not knowing their brand. They pointed out that there was no point in reinventing the wheel, just joining in the market that has already been created. Daymond John also felt that they could look into licensing deals to create visually appealing socks to toddlers. Because he has experience in this business and great ideas for their future, Daymond decides to offer Squid Socks $125,000 for a 33% equal partnership with Jessica and Gabe.

Although Robert Herjavec also made The Millers an offer, they ultimately decided to partner with Daymond because they felt that his portfolio shows that he truly understands the industry and felt like a perfect partner for them.

Have you struggled with this problem? Would you purchase this product to replace traditional baby socks? Do you think The Millers made a wise decision partnering with Daymond? Begin the conversation in the comments below!