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Momtrepreneurs from Texas, Krissy and Rachel, have been creating products together for ten years. Their primary focus is on making the lives of parents everywhere much easier. Unfortunately for them, several of their ideas have ended up in the wrong hands which meant they were not compensated for their product designs that a company ultimately took to market without them. They have learned their lesson and decided to come directly to Shark Tank to score a partner who will not take advantage of their creativity, but rather will help teach them how to bring their products to market to ensure a lucrative arrangement for both parties.

Krissy and Rachel designed the Space Traveler to keep their children separated from negatively interacting with each other during long car rides. These pop-up car pods easily install with car seats, booster seats or directly onto the seat of a vehicle. They integrate with latch and seatbelt systems to ensure the safety of the children. The Space Traveler helps to keep the children focused on themselves and not irritating their siblings, allowing parents to focus their energy on driving rather than disbanding arguments from the back seat.

Although the Space Traveler designs are only in prototype phase and are pre-revenue, Krissy and Rachel are seeking an investor willing to put $100,000 into the company in exchange for 33.3% equity. Ideally, they would find a partner that would help them to both tease out their creativity for their designs and line expansions, as well as give them pointers for commercializing their product and introducing it into the direct and retail markets. Most of the Sharks are deterred by the lack of sales and proof of concept on the product. Most of the Sharks except Barbara Corcoran. She likes their passion and thinks that she can add value to helping the business come along. Barbara offers Krissy and Rachel exactly what they asked for with the addition of a royalty. She will invest $100,000 into Space Traveler for 33.3% equity share. She will also get a $2 per unit royalty until she recoups her investment. Krissy and Rachel agree and partner with Barbara Corcoran.

What do you think of the Space Traveler? Would you buy this product? If you were a Shark, would you invest in the company knowing that it is still in the prototype phase? Start the conversation in the comments below.