RitaE / Pixabay

Mother and daughter duo, Monique and Tyla Simone Crayton, have overcome homelessness and now find themselves in the Shark Tank looking for a partnership opportunity for their company, Sienna Sauce. Developed by then 8-year-old Tyla, Sienna Sauce features uniquely crafted sauces that can be used to spice up poultry and other dishes. Showing off her signature sauces french toast bacon jam, roasted lemon pepper, and smoke sauce, Tyla has won various awards and has even been featured at world food championships. What started as a business out of necessity to pay the bills has now grown and expanded to Sienna Sauce being sold at Wegmans in over 68 retail locations.

Monique and Tyla are seeking a partnership with a Shark that is willing to invest $100,000 in exchange for 10% equity in their company. They specifically are hoping to find a Shark that is willing to help them establish expanded manufacturing, grow their distribution network, and develop their brand. The condiments and sauces market is a highly competitive, large market and to make a space for themselves they will need the help and guidance of someone who has been through this before. Because Tyla, now sixteen, is passionate about speaking to youths about her entrepreneurial journey, the pair would like a Shark that feels as passionate about this cause as they do.

Kendra Scott loves Tyla and Monique. She loves their story, grit, and determination, but she especially loves the taste and flavor of their product. Kendra extends Sienna Sauce an offer to invest $100,000 in exchange for 20% equity. She is going to help them grow a more expansive distribution network, refine their branding and stabilize their manufacturing process. The mother-daughter duo accepts Kendra’s offer.

If you were a Shark, would you have invested in Sienna Sauce? Do you think the other Sharks missed out by not investing? Did Kendra make a wise decision in investing in Monique and Tyla? Begin the conversation in the comments below.