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How many of your friends are pricetitutes? Yes, you heard that right! A pricetitute is a person who talks about completing actions or tasks for money. This is the premise behind Dan Killian’s flagship product, Pricetitution. Pricetitution is a game that allows players to get to know each other by asking how much money it would take to get people to do a series of odd tasks. This hilarious game allows old friends to get closer and new friends to get to know each other very quickly.

Dan quit his job at a creative ad agency to focus solely on launching his game. Using kickstarter funds, he has created a viable product that is currently on the market and has seen $40,000 over two months of sales. The Sharks are interested in several opportunities that have been presented to Pricetitution. They have been approached with a licensing opportunity as well as opportunities with the largest toy and card manufacturer. Pricetitution is seeking $100,000 in exchange for 20% equity in the company.

Although they have been presented with some great opportunities, Dan has declined those offers because they would not be in the best interest of Pricetitution long term. He is looking for a strategic partner that will help him make deals that will be mutually beneficial to his company as well as the toy and card manufacturers. The Sharks are impressed with the branding, quality and comedic value of the product. They are also impressed with Dan and how much he has accomplished with his game while keeping his costs low and his margins high.

Kevin O’Leary is the first Shark to make Pricetitution an offer, but it came at a high cost. Kevin offered Dan $100,000 for an equal 50/50 partnership. Rohan Oza likes the name and the branding. He draws parallels between Pricetitution and Cards Against Humanity. He initially offers $100,000 for 40% of the company. Lori Greiner follows his offer up with an identical offer for $100,000 for 40%. Barbara Corcoran likes the game but does not like that it is in a box. She would like to see people make their own answers and categories. She envisions a social media campaign to help drive this shift. She offers Pricetituion $100,000 in exchange for 50% ownership in the company. Lori and Rohan decide to go together for a $100,000 investment for a 40% share split between them. Excited to obtain a deal with two Sharks, Dan accepts their offer.

Would you purchase and play Pricetitution? Do you think that Mark Cuban made a poor decision when he decided to pass on this business due to liability concerns? What do you think of Dan’s selection of Sharks? Sound off in the comments below!

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