SharonMcCutcheon / Pixabay

The beauty industry has seen recent innovations where eyelashes are concerned. As consumers move away from artificial eyelashes that need to be glued on, they are turning toward magnetic eyelashes that stay in place using magnetic eyeliner. Eye surgeon, Anika Goodwin Hilderbrand, has developed her own line of magnetic eyelashes featuring naturally shed mink fur. OpulenceMD Beauty is a luxury beauty brand with a mission to give every professional woman the ability to exude confidence in how they look and feel without exposing their eye to dangerous chemicals and adhesives. As a doctor, Anika also feels strongly about donating a percentage of all proceeds to help cover medical costs for those who can’t afford to get eye screenings

Anika came to the Shark Tank seeking a partner willing to invest $75,000 in exchange for 5% equity in OpulenceMD Beauty. Because she is struggling to keep up with the demand for her product, she is hoping that she is able to work with a Shark that can help her with her fulfillment challenges. Currently, she feels as though she is paying too many contractors and she is drowning in the logistics of her business. Looking for a partner that is able to help her with the assembly, distribution, and fulfillment of her product, Anika believes that she can make OpulenceMD Beauty an even more successful company.

Impressed by Anika’s sales, margins, and expertise, several Sharks are interested in partnering with OpulenceMD Beauty. Kevin O’Leary and Kendra Scott both offered to invest $75,000 in exchange for 20% equity in the company. Because she feels as though their customers overlap, Kendra believes that she would be the perfect partner for OpulenceMD Beauty. She decides to sweeten the deal and increases her investment offer to $100,000 for 20% equity. Anika accepted Kendra’s offer.

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