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Four businesses came to the Shark Tank to showcase their companies, products, and entrepreneurial spirit to Sharks Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Daymond John. NuMilk, HairyGrabster, Mad Rabbit Tattoo, and Bunch Bikes presented compelling pitches to the Sharks in hopes of securing a financial investment and strategic business partner that can help them grow and expand their businesses. Three of the featured companies were able to land partnership deals with the Sharks. Read on to learn more!

NuMilk Partners With Mark Cuban

New York natives, Joe Savino and Ari Tolwin, are revolutionizing the way that consumers can purchase milk. The pair has created an innovative machine, NuMilk, that can make fresh, dairy-free milk at the push of a button. Their product is aimed to support plant-based diets and zero waste buying. NuMilk has several designs that can be used both in the grocery market and for in-home use to make on-demand, fresh milk from items such as almonds, oats, and more.

Seeking a $1,000,000 investment in exchange for 5% equity in their company, Joe and Ari are looking for a cash infusion to help develop the in-home model of NuMilk and grow their grocery business. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, their grocery rollout was delayed and they need some assistance getting their business back on track. Both Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary are interested in partnering with NuMilk. Kevin offers to loan them the money, with interest, for 5% equity. Mark Cuban offers to invest $2 million in NuMilk. $1 million is a straight investment for 7% equity. He will also offer them an additional $1 million as a loan for 3% interest. He wants another 3% in advisory shares or equity. In total it would be $2 million for 10% equity. They accept Mark’s offer.

HairyGrabster Strikes Out in the Shark Tank

Husband and wife duo, Andy and Patty Watne, have developed a solution to stop consumers from collecting hair on the wall of their showers. The HairyGrabster is a solution that easily installs on a shower wall that features bristles that grab and trap the loose hair. At the end of a shower, the HairyGrabster can be cleaned out like a hairbrush and be reinstalled for the next time. Although there are several products that go in the drain to trap loose hair, this is the first and only product on the market to remove hair from hands and remove it while washing to prevent it from going down the drain or ending up on the walls.

Andy and Patty are seeking an investment of $75,000 in exchange for 20% equity in HairyGrabster. Kevin O’Leary has a competitive business and therefore cannot invest. The other Sharks believe they came to the Shark Tank too early as they have only sold 60 units which equates to $600 in sales. There is not enough proof of concept to justify that consumers actually want a product like this. The Sharks advise them to get their product out to influencers to get their feedback. The Watnes leave the Shark Tank without a deal from the Sharks.

Mark Cuban Makes a Deal With Mad Rabbit Tattoo

Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor came to the Shark Tank looking for an investor in their business, Mad Rabbit Tattoo. Their tattoo aftercare product blends 7 all-natural ingredients that help to keep tattoos vibrant and prevent age-related fading. Mad Rabbit Tattoo works to bring tattoos back to life that have started to fade by moisturizing the skin on top. The more they are moisturized, the less a tattoo fades over time. The pair is seeking $500,000 in exchange for 5% equity.

The Sharks are blown away by their margins, marketing reach, and sales. Although their reach has been organic, they would like to like a Shark to help them with their marketing strategy to help grow their business even further. Mad Rabbit Tattoo is projected to end the year with $3 million in sales. Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban are both interested in partnering with Zak and Selom. Kevin’s offer is structured as a venture debt deal while Mark’s offer is a straight investment for equity deal. Ultimately, Selom and Zak decided to accept Mark’s offer, and Mad Rabbit Tattoo partners with Mark Cuban.

Bunch Bikes Secures an Investment From Barbara Corcoran

Texas native, Aaron Powell, came to the Shark Tank seeking $250,000 in exchange for 10% equity in his company, Bunch Bikes. Although Aaron is not the sole proprietor of Bunch Bikes, he is the sole distributor for US sales. In a unique design that is featured in other countries, Bunch Bikes are an electric-assist cargo bike that allows children, groceries, or other goods to be carried in a convenient container in the front of the bike. With yearly sales projected to reach $2.2 million in Bunch Bikes, Aaron is hoping to partner with a Shark that can help to make the price take more affordable and accessible to families.

Although the Sharks like the concept of the product, they feel that it would take awhile for them to recoup their investment. Barbara Corcoran admittedly felt “lukewarm” about the business, but decided to make Aaron a sharky offer. She offered to invest $250,000 in exchange for 40% of Bunch Bikes. Aaron countered and asked for a $100,000 investment and a $150,000 loan in exchange for 15% equity. Barbara agreed to his counteroffer.

If you were a Shark, which of these companies would you have invested in? Do you think that the Sharks missed out by not investing in HairyGrabster? Were there any deals or offers you didn’t agree with on this episode? Sound off in the comments below!