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Emily Strauss is no stranger to adversity. As a young and talented artist, Emily was diagnosed with late-stage Lyme disease that affected all areas of her life including her education and her art. Although Emily had to drop out of high school and struggled to even hold a paintbrush, she refused to give up. After seeking medical treatment and getting back on her feet, Emily not only got her GED but went on to college to major in fine arts and founded her own company Mural Painter Inc.

As handpainted murals have regained popularity, especially with millennials, Emily created a way to match artists with businesses who are looking for creative marketing opportunities. Although there is competition in the mural space, they typically will only take on larger projects while Mural Painter Inc. is focused on small to medium jobs. Emily has expanded her operations to both the East and West coast and is looking to expand into other major cities as well. By coming to the Shark Tank, Emily is hoping to secure a business partner that is willing to invest $300,000 in exchange for 15% equity in Mural Painter Inc to aid in her expansion efforts.

Emily feels that it is essential that she partners with a Shark that can help her with both the financial aspects of business expansion as well as networking opportunities with potential customers. She explains to the Sharks that each artist is paid hourly and that Mural Painter Inc. typically makes margins in the 40-50% range. Although all of the Sharks feel that this business is very risky, two Sharks are interested in partnering with Emily and extend her offers.

Kevin O’Leary offers to invest $300,000 in exchange for 35% equity in Mural Painter Inc. Barbara Corcoran is also interested in a partnership and forms an immediate connection with Emily. Although she does recognize the risk that it will be difficult to get her investment back, Barbara offers $100,000 as cash with an additional $200,000 line of credit for a 15% equity share. Barbara’s visions are that Emily needs to get more depth with her sales line and optimize her own creativity rather than serving the company in an administrative role. Emily is in complete agreement with Barbara’s vision and feels that she is the best partner for her company. She agrees to accept Barbara’s offer to partner with Mural Painter Inc.

Do you think that Emily made the right decision in choosing Barbara over Kevin? If you were a Shark would you have invested in Mural Painter Inc? If you were a business, would you consider mural marketing for your business? Start the conversation in the comments below!