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When Jenny Goldfarb moved from New York City to LA, she ditched her accent, but not her love for traditional NYC delis. Born into a family with a long history of deli ownership, Jenny wanted to bring the flair of an authentic deli to LA, with one major change — her deli would not have traditional deli meat sandwiches. When Jenny became a vegan five years ago, she had to learn how to cook meals that would satisfy her family who were not vegans. That is when Jenny created a healthy version of the deli meat that she grew up with in her family’s deli.

Using whole plant-based foods such as beets, chickpeas, and spice blends, Jenny has developed a meatless deli-meat substitute. Mrs. Goldfarb’s unreal deli-meat sports only 100 calories per 2 ounces and can now be found in retail locations such as Whole Foods. Jenny’s goal is to get her product into grocery stores, delis, and restaurants everywhere. To be able to scale and grow quickly, Mrs. Goldfarb is seeking an investment of $100,000 in exchange for 10% equity in her company.

After incorporating Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli this year, Jenny has sold $10,000 to local delis and $2,000 in e-commerce sales in the first 24 hours alone. With her cost around $3.80 per pound, she is able to sell her product for $10 per pound. The Sharks are very impressed with the taste of the product and the associated margins, however, they are concerned about the valuation. Jenny explains that her valuation is based on the ever-growing list of plant-based investors who are knocking on her door to partner. She projects that her sales will be about $3 million next year.

The Sharks are concerned that her valuation is high, her equity is light and that there is nothing protecting her product from being knocked off by a larger company. Kevin O’Leary offers Mrs. Goldfarb $100,000 for 20% equity. While Ann is engaging Jenny on some lingering questions, Mark Cuban comes in with an offer. In typical fashion, Mark requires an answer to his offer right away or he will pull his offer off the table. He is willing to invest $250,000 for 20% of her company because he loves her product and is a vegetarian himself. He feels that he has all the right connections to help her rapidly scale and grow her business. Jenny Accepts Mark’s deal.

Would you try Mrs. Goldfarb’s unreal deli meat? Do you think that Jenny made a wise decision partnering with Mark Cuban over Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary? Begin the conversation in the comments below!

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