Jesse Genet is asking the Shark Tank investors to put their money in Lumi, a kit for developing your own photo prints — on a t-shirt.

Using her kits, it’s simple to take a photo, print a negative, and, using the Lumi kit, turn the design into a printed t-shirt in ten minutes, with sunlight as a developer. The shirts have an arty, retro look, and offer the opportunity to do the creation yourself at home.

The kit includes the dye, developing agent, and everything you need to print your image on a shirt of your own. The dye can also be bought by the bottle. A kit for $39.95 will print 4 shirts.

It’s currently available in craft shops and online.

Genet is asking the sharks to invest in Lumi to enable it to

The offer to the sharks is 5% of the company for a $250k investment. She already has one investor, who has 10.5% of the company after an $180k investment.

In the past 12 months, Lumi has $1 million in sales, with $40k of that as profit. Genet expects next year’s sales to reach $2.5 million, which she bases on the fact that she’s doubled sales every year for the five years she’s been in business.

Kevin O’Leary was first to suggest that Lumi’s valuation might be inaccurate, noting that it was 50 times the free cash flow he felt she could expect.

Mark Cuban interrupted as Jesse tried to explain why she felt confident in her valuation, saying that he just isn’t into the craft business, and that this product won’t be one of his investments.

Barbara Corcoran was next. Explaining that, other than the big kit, the product is too confusing, she said, “I’m out.”

Lori Greiner was ready to make an offer, though she said she couldn’t agree with the valuation.

Kevin interrupted, determined to make his offer first. He’d give $250k for 50% of the equity, or he would make a loan of the same $250k, for 36 months at an 8.5% rate, and would also take 12.5% of the company.

“Even though he was so rude,” Lori said, she’d split that offer with Kevin, if Jesse was interested.

With regard to the offer to sell half her company for $250k, “…that would be completely absurd, I’m sorry,” Jesse responded.

She countered, saying she would take the loan and offer 2% equity, rather than 12.5%. Kevin was ready to deal, offering to do it for 5%, so that, splitting with Lori, there would be 2.5% for each shark.

“If you do it as an equity investment, you have a deal,” offered Jesse, reverting to her original request.

Robert Herjavec interrupted to reason with Jesse, telling her she had to be willing to give and negotiate. She maintained that she would take a deal, if she felt it was fair. Herjavec offered the asked $250k, in return for 15% of the company.

Genet declined again, saying that going into 2015, she plans to ‘blow this thing up.’ Lori, too, tried to reason, saying that the investors were asking for reasonable amounts, and that if Genet wanted a partner, she was going to have to be willing to compromise.

She gave a counteroffer: her initial $250k for 5% would stand, but for an additional $100k line of credit, she’d offer an additional 2% equity.

Sharks groaned and palmed their foreheads, and Robert said he was out of the deal.

Kevin repeated his offer, and pressed Genet to take it. She again declined. Kevin announced that he wouldn’t grovel, and he was done.

Lori made a new offer: the $250k, as a loan, at 8.5% interest, plus 7% equity. Genet again declined, and Lori, too, said she was out of the deal.

Lumi left the Shark Tank with no deal.

Image Stills: Lumi Video

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