Last on Shark Tank’s college entrepreneur episode, Christopher Gray is trying to sell the investors on Scholly, an app to help students pay for college.

He says that the cost of college is rising, and that students and parents are taking out loan after loan, and still coming up short. Scholarships are a better option, but can be hard to find. Scholly allows students to find scholarships that may be available to them. When it comes to finsding scholarships, there’s no question that Christopher Gray has the skill: he was awarded over $1 million in scholarships himself, after months of searching and filling out applications.

A user inputs some basic information, such as home state, GPA, and major, and the app pops out a list of available scholarships, which the student can then apply for.

The offer to the sharks is 15% of the company for a $40k investment. The app sells for 99 cents, and 92,000 copies have already been sold.

Lori Greiner made the first offer, agreeing to give Gray what he’d requested: $40k for 15%.

Daymond John spoke out while Lori encouraged Gray to jump on her offer. He echoed Lori’s offer.

While Gray insisted he’d like to hear what the other sharks had to say, Lori pressed him to take her deal without delay.

The other sharks asked questions, wondering how Gray and his partners would keep the app upated with new scholarships, and argued that Lori and Daymond couldn’t really be ready to invest without knowing more, leading the pair to offer to combine their deal. They’d make the offer to Gray together, if he’d accept now.

“I’m gonna take your deal,” Gray agreed.

The two stood to shake hands with the Scholly entrepreneur, while the other sharks shook their heads in disbelief.

The argument wasn’t over just because Christopher Gray left the Shark Tank though — the other sharks continued to badger Lori and Daymond, calling their investment ‘pity money’ and charity. Lori and Daymond don’t regret their decision, though, as evidence by their tweets.

Final Deal: Lori Greiner and Daymond John invested a combined $40k in the Scholly app for a 15% stake.

[Image credit: Scholly Youtube]

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