Bobbie Rhoads is asking the Shark Tank investors to put their money in Fun Bites – a tool for cutting sandwiches, pancakes, and other treats into fun shapes easily.

She says that big businesses have figured out how to entice picky kids into eating their sugary and unhealthy snacks and nuggets, by making them colorful and fun-shaped. With Fun Bites, she aims to do the same with healthier food.

Rhoads says that at a recent trade show, Disney also showed interest, and she needs the Sharks on board to help her handle deals like that. She says she’s gone as far as one person can go alone, and she’s ready for help opening doors, getting into big retailers, and with licensing.

The offer to the sharks is 20% of the company for a $75k investment. The company has done $400k in sales over the past three years, $150k of that in the past 12 months. The Fun Bites devices are sold online, and Bobbie has just signed an agreement to put them in Target stores. The product costs $1.72 to make, and is sold at $6 wholesale, $12.99 retail.

She explains the slow start to sales as a response to poor early packaging, and says Kohls and Bed, Bath, and Beyond, both of which carried the product in its previous iteration, will take it again in the new, brighter and more attractive packaging.

The sharks seemed to enjoy the product. Lori and Kevin both tested it out (Kevin’s results were prettier than Lori’s) and found it functional and interesting — though Kevin, who has been stretching his mean streak tonight (see here and here) did joke that with picky eaters, it might be easier to let them starve and see how far they’d go.

Kevin O’Leary was first to bow out, reiterating his point that picky kids should just be allowed to not eat, until they’re hungry enough to eat what’s offered.

Robert Herjavec noted that he agreed with the premise, and that, as a stay-at-home dad for three years, he’d seen the function of fun cut-up foods in getting kids to eat. However, he pointed out that the same could be done with a knife — and for that reason, he said, he was out.

Daymond John said he was interested in the product, and could manage the licensing. He offered Bobbie $100k for 30% equity.

Lori Greiner had a different offer. Citing her connections with multiple retail shops, she offered the asked $75k in return for a 25% stake.

As Mark Cuban tried to get a word in edgewise, Daymond interjected to say he’d match Lori’s offer, giving his $100k for only 25% and to argue that he was the better Shark to choose, since he’s in a better position to do licensing.

Lori kept talking, stalling Mark from making his offer. “Bobbie, you know whether or not you want to partner with me, so if you want to partner with me, I’d like you to say yes right now.”

Without allowing Mark to make his offer, Bobbie agreed. As the two celebrated, Mark continued to try to cut in, telling Bobbie she could still change her mind. Rhoads thanked him, but politely declined, as the other Sharks assured her she’d made the right choice.

Final Deal: Lori Greiner invested $75k in Fun Bites for a 25% stake.

Photo: Fun Bites