Peggy_Marco / Pixabay

After a serious fall, professional big wave surfer, Nic Lamb, suffered a concussion that has changed his life. Suffering from debilitating migraines as a result of his injury, Nic was looking for a natural way to find relief. Tired of holding frozen vegetables and icepacks on his head, Nic developed the IceBeanie. This patent-pending compression beanie provides a snug-fitting cold compress to help relieve pain associated with headaches and migraines. It can also be used for temperature and comfort control for chemotherapy patients.

Targeting the 40 million consumers who suffer from headaches and migraines, IceBean is selling direct-to-consumer as well as on Amazon and Etsy. Shortly after launch, the product already achieved $100,000 in sales after selling their initial 2500 units. Because nothing else on the market is as lightweight or covers the whole head in the way that IceBeanie does, Nic believes that he can carve out a nice place in the headache relief market for his company.

Seeking $50,000 in exchange for 20% equity, Nic is hoping to land a Shark that can help him reach into additional markets to grow sales. Looking to expand his market share in the athletic arena, Nic has currently been utilizing influencers to help promote the product’s use after an intense workout. Mark Cuban is quickly able to identify with this market and thinks that IceBeanie is just scratching the surface for sales potential into the sporting goods space. Mark quickly offers Nic $50,000 in exchange for 30% equity. Nic counters and they agree to $50,000 for 25% instead. After accepting Mark’s offer, Daymond and Robert share that they were also going to extend offers to IceBeanie as well. Nic says that he is going to honor his commitment to Mark and declines to hear the additional offers in the Shark Tank.

Do you think that Nic made a good decision by partnering with Mark Cuban? Would you have listened to offers from the other Sharks before making your final decision? If you were a Shark would you have invested in the IceBeanie? Start the conversation in the comment below!