sue_v67 / Pixabay

Chef Nahum Jeannot has created a delicious and convenient way to make sure that everyone can eat breakfast or enjoy a hearty snack, even if they are on the go. By reimagining a new way to enjoy oatmeal, Nahum created delicious and healthy oatmeal balls that are made in a convenient heat and eat format. By tossing GoOats in the oven or microwave for just a few moments, you can have a quick and easy meal or snack. Each box contains 3 oatmeal balls which contain only 170 calories. GoOats are currently available at Whole Foods and can be purchased in a pouch or in an oven-safe box.

Nahum came to the Shark Tank seeking $150,000 in exchange for 10% equity in GoOats. The Sharks absolutely love the product and see a major benefit to creating such a delicious product to consume on the go, however, they are concerned that his margins are too low and will not allow him to properly scale the business. In 2019 his sales were $57,000 and he is hoping that he will be able to ramp up manufacturing in a way that will allow him to scale production and become more profitable with the help of a Shark.

Although they love the product, most of the Sharks do not want to invest in GoOats because they fear that they may not recoup their investment. Barbara Corcoran, however, is willing to take a chance on Nahum because she knows that she will be able to help him get his product into other major retailers and grow sales. Barbara agrees to invest $150,000 in GoOats in exchange for 20% equity.

What do you think of GoOats? Would you purchase this product? If you were a Shark would you be willing to invest in Nahum’s company? Which of the Sharks do you feel would be the best partner for GoOats? Start the conversation in the comments below!