lpegasu / Pixabay

Tired of the same, worn-out golf shoe styles? Entrepreneurs, Tyler Stuart and John Krosky, have invented a product that turns ordinary shoes into golf shoes. Their patented product, Golf Kicks, can be easily screwed into the bottom of any rubber-soled shoe or sandal, pending the sole is at least 1/3″ thick. Using the included traction kit, the consumer will map out the most effective locations on the shoes to place the screw-on kit. This technology allows golfers to quickly convert their shoes to golf cleats allowing them to wear the same comfortable, stylish shoes they wear off the golf course while they are playing a round of golf.

Over the last 3 months, Golf Kicks has sold $120,000 worth of products directly through its website. With very high-profit margins, Golf Kicks anticipates closing this year around $1 million in sales. To continue growing their business, they would like help expanding their sales to online retailers such as Amazon and expanding their diret business into pro-shops.

Surprisingly, most of the Sharks decline to invest simply because they do not enjoy playing golf. Long-time Shark Lori Greiner confides that she enjoys golfing and finds it very relaxing and could see a niche for this product in the golf market. She offers to invest $300,000 at 8% interest. She also would like a $2/unit royalty that will cease when her investment is paid back. She would also like 5% equity share in the business. Mark Cuban also loves the product and would like to expand this into a variety of youth sports. He offers Golf Kicks $300,000 for 13% equity in the company with no royalty. They agree to Mark’s offer.

What do you think of this product? Would you purchase Golf Kicks? Do you see any other sports that could benefit from this do-it-yourself approach to cleated shoes? Join the conversation in the comments below!