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Guest Shark Rohan Oza joined long-time Sharks Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Barbara Corcoran in the Shark Tank tonight. The Sharks eagerly listened to business pitches from four companies who were hoping to receive financial investments and strategic partnerships with the Sharks. Genius Juice, Rapid Rope, Ready. Set. Food!, and Ka-Pop all gave solid presentations and showcased products that intrigued the Sharks, however, only three businesses left the Shark Tank with partnership opportunities.

Genius Juice Partners with Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran

Founder and CEO of Genius Juice, Alex Bayer, came to the Shark Tank in hopes of securing $250,000 in exchange for 7% equity in his company. Genius Juice is the first drink product to include a whole coconut in each bottle. Both the coconut milk and the meat are blended together to make a delicious coconut smoothie that the Sharks all enjoyed. With only 100 calories per bottle and no sugar added, Alex had the Sharks attention.

The Sharks were also interested in the business potential that Genius Juice has, as it continues to add hundreds of new customers including some large chain retailers. The only downfall the Sharks can see is that the beverage space is a very competitive market and is very tough to break into. They also are afraid of needing refrigerated space in a grocery or convenience store which is very tough to get. Although several Sharks extend Genius Juice an offer, Alex agrees to a partnership deal with Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban. The Sharks will collectively invest $500,000 for 25% equity. Alex accepts their offer.

Rapid Rope Secures a Partnership With Barbara Corcoran

Husband and wife, Geanie and Chris Rodgers, came to the Shark Tank to showcase their signature product, Rapid Rope. This uniquely designed rope comes in a dispenser case featuring its own cutting tool. This prevents the rope from getting tangled to ensure that it is always ready to deploy when needed. The Sharks are impressed with the product but they are most impressed with Geanie and Chris. They have a lot of heart and have a dream of using their success for good to be able to create a school in Ethiopia in honor of their adoptive son.

Rapid Rope would like to find a Shark that is willing to invest $200,000 for a 20% equity share. The Sharks are impressed to hear about some of their recent retail successes. They feel that the Rodgers are truly the picture of the American dream. They had an idea and put it into production using all American-made goods and labor. Although none of the Sharks know how to add value to a rope product, Barbara Corcoran is very interested in them as a couple and decides to make them an offer of $250,000 for 30% equity. Her contingency is that they agree on how the money is spent. Chris and Geanie agree and accept Barbara’s offer.

Ready. Set. Food! Lands a Partnership With Mark Cuban

Co-founders of Ready. Set. Food!, Dr. Katie Marks-Cogan, Dr. Andrew Leitner, and Daniel Zakowski came to the Shark Tank to pitch their patent-pending product in hopes of landing an investment of $350,000 for a 7% equity share. Ready. Set. Food! is a food allergy protocol for infants that introduces them to the common food allergens eggs, milk and peanuts to help them be on a path to an allergy-free future. Their powdered product can be readily dissolved in breast milk or formula and is given to infants for 6 months or until they are able to eat these foods by mouth to help reduce their chances of developing a food allergy to these foods.

The Sharks all like the products and feel that the pricing is appropriate for the service that it provides. They are slightly concerned about how to educate the market, however, Mark Cuban does not think this will be an issue because new parents often do their own research and educate themselves on topics such as this one. Mark extends Ready. Set. Food! an offer. After countering, they agree to an investment of $350,000 in exchange for 10% equity (2% can be in advisory shares), however this is contingent that they agree to donate some product to low-income families for every so many they sell.

Ka-Pop Leaves the Shark Tank Without a Deal

Dustin Finkel, CEO and Founder of Ka-Pop, brought his delicious snack made of the ancient grain, sorghum, to the Shark Tank in hopes of finding a partner willing to invest $350,000 for a 5% equity share. These allergen-free, non-GMO snacks are simply air-popped sorghum and nothing else. The Sharks really like the product and find Dustin to be an incredibly persuasive salesman. His past work history also adds credibility to the future of Ka-Pop.

Although they love the product and Dustin, the Sharks feel that he came to the Shark Tank a little too early. The snack business is highly competitive and very hard to get traction in. He also has a lot of other investors and the Sharks don’t feel like that there is much that they could offer to Ka-Pop that is not already covered by another investor. Kevin O’Leary does make a late offer for $350,000 in exchange for 17.5% equity. He will not go any lower otherwise he will get diluted and not make his money back. Dustin can not go that high and still be fair to the other investors. He leaves the Shark Tank without a deal.

Which of these businesses would you invest in if you were a Shark? Do you think that the Sharks made a mistake by not investing in Ka-Pop? Do you think that the Sharks made wise business decisions in this episode of Shark Tank? Start the dialog in the comments below!

Shark Tank airs on ABC Sundays at 9pm.