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After pivoting from a successful career in sales, Nashville native Holly Cooper decided to pick back up on an old career that allowed her to be her own boss and do something that she truly loves. With a desire to spread home-cooked southern favorites throughout the Nashville area, Holly has created a successful food truck business, Fried Green Tomatoes, that is able to generate $6400 in sales per day. Because her business is thriving, Holly is able to capitalize on the popularity of her food by selling her signature batter mix to over 600 boutique stores to increase her revenue stream.

In an attempt to further grow her Fried Green Tomatoes empire, Holly is hoping to land a strategic partner in the Shark Tank that will help her to franchise her business. Before starting her career in sales, Holly owned and operated a successful cafe that she sold before changing her career. Now that she has found her way back to the foodservice industry, she is hoping to expand and grow her company rather than sell again. Holly is seeking an investment of $200,000 in exchange for 15% equity from a Shark who is willing to partner with her on this venture.

While the Sharks love her culinary creations, they are concerned about Holly’s proposed valuation of Fried Green Tomatoes as it is conflicting with her yearly sales of $268,000. She explains that currently she has only been open for festivals and special events but has recently purchased another food truck for daily meal sales. Although she would like to ramp up her operations and franchise, she does not know how to do this and would like help from a Shark that specializes in this type of business.

Long time Shark, Barbara Corcoran is immediately interested in making an offer to Fried Green Tomatoes as she has successfully invested in and grown a similar business, Cousins Maine Lobster, during her tenure on Shark Tank. Barbara offers Holly $200,000 for 30% equity. Although her offer would require Fried Green Tomatoes to give up more equity than they were hoping, Barbara and other Sharks such as Mark Cuban encourage Holly to accept Barbara’s offer because they say that she is worth that investment. Daymond John is also interested and offers to invest $200,000 for 25% equity, saving Holly 5% of the company. Although she would like to save that additional equity, she felt that Barbara was her ideal business partner because of her previous success with Cousins Maine Lobster. She agreed to accept Barbara Corcoran’s investment in exchange for 30% equity in Fried Green Tomatoes.

Do you think that Holly made a good decision partnering with Barbara over Daymond? If you were a Shark would you have invested in Fried Green Tomatoes? Star the conversation in the comments below!

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