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Guest Shark, Nirav Tolia, joined longtime investors Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec in the Shark Tank to evaluate four business presentations to determine their investment potential. Entrepreneurs from Fish Fixe, Hello Prenup, Deux, and Hidrent made their cases to the Sharks in hopes of landing financial investors and strategic partners in their business. Although all of the featured businesses did get offers from the Sharks, only three companies left the Shark Tank with partnership deals in place. Read on to learn more!

Fish Fixe Partners With Lori Greiner

Although seafood is good for your brain, heart, and skin, 80% of Americans are afraid of buying, handling, and cooking seafood, leaving a major deficit in their diet. Emily Castro and Melissa Harrington are using their expertise in the seafood and marketing industries to give consumers an easier way to purchase premium frozen seafood products. Delivered right to your door Fish Fixe has options for buying on-demand or through a subscription-based service. Emily and Melissa are hoping to partner with a Shark that can help them with their distribution logistics and who is willing to invest $200,000 in Fish Fixe in exchange for 15% equity.

Although the Sharks like the taste of the products, many of them didn’t feel as though they were the right partner for Fish Fixe. Kevin O’Leary is the only Shark interested in investing but would like to be an equal partner in the business. He offers Melissa and Emily $200,000 for 33.3% equity. Because she doesn’t want to see the pair lose that much equity, Lori Greiner comes back in at the last moment and makes a deal with Fish Fixe. She will invest $200,000 in exchange for 25% equity in their company.

Hello Prenup Lands a Deal With Two Sharks

Divorce attorney, Julia Rodgers, has partnered with software engineer, Sarabeth Jaffe, to create an easier and more affordable way for Millenials to create prenups. Hello Prenup is the first digital platform to let couples make prenups in minutes and for a fraction of the cost of traditional prenups. The Hello Prenup process allows each person to complete an in-depth questionnaire and a financial disclosure. The couple can then work through any discrepancies and complete the prenup process. Sarabeth and Julia are hoping to partner with a Shark willing to infuse $150,000 into the business in exchange for 10% equity in Hello Prenup.

Although the Sharks think their concept is clever, they do not have enough sales to truly prove the concept to most of the Sharks. Because Nirav Tolia is already in the tech space, he has a different view of the company and thinks that he can help Julia and Sarabeth get Hello Prenup off the ground. Since Kevin O’Leary is already in the wedding space and has an existing database of potential customers for the company, Nirav and Kevin decide to partner together and offer Hello Prenup$150,000 for an equally shared 30% equity. Sarabeth and Julia accept their offer.

Deux Over Negotiates And Leaves The Shark Tank Empty-Handed

Dallas native, Sabeena Ladha, has created an enhanced cookie dough recipe packed with vitamins and good-for-you ingredients. Deux was inspired by Sabeena’s love for junk food while trying to balance her diet to eat healthier. Her cookie dough recipes are packed with vitamins and nutrients to help consumers get in their recommended daily nutrients. Deux can be eaten right out of the jar or can be baked into cookies depending on the preference of the consumer. Sabeena is seeking $300,000 in exchange for 10% equity in Deux.

Although the Sharks like the taste of the product and are impressed with her sales, which are expected to reach $1,200,000 this year, they are concerned that the calorie content is too high and they would like to see it be even more healthy. They also are concerned with Sabeena’s presence in the Shark Tank and criticize her for not being able to read the room and appeal to all of her potential investors. It looked as though Deux would be leaving the Shark Tank without a partnership offer from the Sharks when Robert Herjavec jumped in and said he wanted to invest in her as an entrepreneur as he doesn’t care much for the product. He offers to invest $300,000 for 15% equity. After multiple attempts at unsuccessfully trying to counter-offer over a 5% difference in equity, Robert pulls his offer because he is frustrated that he extended her an offer so close to what she asked for and she still continued to try to negotiate. Deux leaves the Shark Tank without an investment partnership.

Hidrent Snags Two Sharks

On a mission to partner homeowners with reliable and trustworthy handymen, Dave Heimbuch has created an app that will allow consumers to post odd jobs they need done around their homes. Off-duty firefighters can then accept the jobs based on their skill sets, allowing them to make extra money. The Hidrent platform allows consumers to post jobs, get paired with an off-duty firefighter, and be invoiced all within the platform. Because they are currently only active in two US cities, Dave is looking to expand Hidrent with the help of a Shark. He is hoping to find an investor that is willing to put $300,000 into the business in exchange for 8% equity.

The Sharks are concerned with the name and branding of the company because they don’t feel that it captures the true essence of what the company does. They also are worried about the difficulty of expanding the business beyond the two pilot cities since consumers need to be educated on the platform and new firefighters recruited. Although Nirav has had similar success with Next Door, he knows how much work it is and doesn’t think he will be able to get a return on his investment. Agreeable to making changes in his company, Dave ultimately lands a deal with both Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec. The pair will invest $300,000 in exchange for 33.3% equity in the company.

If you were a Shark would have invested in any of the companies featured in this episode of Shark Tank? Do you think that Sabeena’s negotiation tactics justified the Sharks unwillingness to invest in Deux? Start the conversation in the comments below!