LUM3N / Pixabay

Gina and Scott Davis struggled to find clothes for one of their family members, Thomas. Because Gina was a clothing designer by trade, she decided to create her own clothes for Thomas. Her designs ensured that all of Thomas’ clothes would be stylish and match his personality. It wasn’t long before Thomas’ clothes started to gain attention and the Davis’ found themselves being asked often where they purchased his clothes. Thomas was the family dog that has now inspired their company, Dog Threads.

Dog Threads is a company committed to stylish clothes for canines and their humans alike. Gina and Scott ensure that their designs allow family pets to adequately showcase their personalities while matching their human. As an additional benefit to purchasing Dog Threads signature lines of clothing, proceeds from every Dog Threads sale goes help animals in need.

The Davis’ are hoping to find a Shark that is interested in partnering with them and investing $250,000 in exchange for 17% equity of Dog Threads. They came to the Shark Tank hoping to find a Shark that is able to help them expand and scale their business while keeping costs down. They are projecting to end the year at $240,000 in sales. The Sharks were very impressed that Gina and Scott have only truly invested $500 into their company as they have committed to using their profits to continue growing and expanding their business.

Because there is no significant competition in this area and Mark Cuban can see some major potential with licensing agreements with sports teams, he shows early interest in partnering with Dog Threads. He sees their biggest challenge as being their margins and feels that by finding a new manufacturer they can increase their profit margins and potentially even lower the cost to consumers. Mark offers Gina and Scott $250,000 for a 30% share of Dog Threads. Kevin O’Leary is also interested in partnering with them, however, Mark is very open that if they explore a deal with Kevin, he will withdraw his offer. They decide to counter Mark for 25% instead of 30% and he reluctantly agrees.

What do you think of Mark Cuban’s partnership with Dog Threads? Would you purchase this product? Would a licensing deal with your favorite team tempt you to purchase matching clothes for you and your pet? Join the conversation in the comments below!