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Shed Defender, a company owned by brothers Tyson and Miles Walters of California, came into the Shark Tank seeking $250,000 for 10% equity of their business. The company’s flagship product is a zip-up one-piece bodysuit for dogs used to control excess shedding in undesirable locations. This suit is to be worn intermittently for situational shedding such as in the car or at the vet and is not intended for long-term or permanent wear. The product is made of a lightweight, breathable polyester/spandex blend which traps in shedding hair to prevent it from getting all over unwanted areas.

There are some secondary benefits to the product which make it very attractive to a variety of pet owners. It can also be used after surgery to prevent the dog from accessing their surgical site. Miles and Tyson think that the Shed Defender could eventually replace “the cone of shame.” Another benefit of the product is that it has been shown to produce calming effects in dogs with anxiety.

The Shed Defender catches the attention of all of The Sharks when they learn that not only is the Shed Defender currently available through online wholesalers, but the profit margin on this product is approximately 80%. Although the utility patent that was protecting the product has expired, The Sharks agree that they will take an expired patent with that profit margin over a product with a patent without favorable financial data. There is slight concern about knockoffs coming to market and therefore Lori tells the Walters brothers that they must blitz the market. Since they are the first to market, they must have the strongest and best product and marketing to be the leader in this sector.

Shed Defender is looking for a partner who can help them with distribution in the pet care industry. The first Shark to make an offer is Kevin O’Leary who offers $250,000 of 33% equity of the company. A second Shark, Robert Herjavec, extends the same offer to Miles and Tyson. Lori Greiner also extends them an offer of $250,000 for 28% equity. The brothers counter back at 25%. Before deciding if she will accept their counter, Lori takes some convincing but ultimately does accept their counter offer of $250,000 for 25%.

Social response to this product is very mixed with some fans excited about the product while others felt it was cruel and unnecessary:

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