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Keisha Jeremie, owner of Sanaia Applesauce came into The Shark Tank hoping to secure a deal of $150,000 for a 15% share of the company. Sanaia is aiming to shake up the applesauce market in the same way that the yogurt industry has recently been. Keisha presents a strong case as to how the applesauce market favors young children or the elderly community.

Sanaia Applesauce is made with organic green apples and baked into 6 different flavors. This “grown-up” version of applesauce is a perfect snack for adults. The company has been paid for by Keisha out of her private account. She has been very cautious and smart about her financial spends so she has really stretched her dollar and learned a lot about this industry and the opportunity that is out there.

The company recently did a 6 month test pilot which generated approximately $40,000 and proved that there is a market for this product. The product is packaged in two ways. One version is manufactured in a glass jar so that it can be safely shipped via Amazon. The other design looks similar to a plastic yogurt cup. Keisha understands that she has two main hurdles ahead of her: trying to create a market of adults who love applesauce and being frugal and stretching every dollar.

Recently Sanaia attended a trade show and while they had a few large companies express interest, The Sharks caution her to remember that orders and interest are not the same things and she will need to be continually working to convert that interest into real orders.

When the time came to offer or pass, Barbara asks for a very Sharkey deal . She is willing to invest $150,000 for at least 75% of the company. Keisha declines her offer. Mark Cuban also makes Sanaia an offer for 25% equity for $150,000. He said his team can provide what she needs to make contacts in the grocery market and to scale up business operations.

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