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When Frankie Yamsuan began a journey of clean eating, she wanted to find a way to satisfy her sweet tooth without increasing her waistline. By combining all-natural ingredients such as coconut milk, honey, dates, and maple syrup, the dairy and gluten-free Coconut Girl ice cream sandwich was born. Although her ice cream sandwiches are not low in calories, Frankie is focused on incorporating all-natural ingredients to provide better fuel to her body rather than eating empty calories. By combining the almond butter cookies with the coconut milk-based center, the Coconut Girl ice cream sandwich is a healthier alternative to a traditional ice cream sandwich.

Coconut Girl is hoping to secure an investment of $180,000 in exchange for 18% equity in the company. This cash infusion would allow her to drive down raw material costs and secure a new co-packer for manufacturing her product. Frankie has already begun to sell to big-box retailers in California but has not expanded her market outside of California due to logistical issues of trying to ship her product. With the help of a Shark, Frankie feels confident that she will be able to grow both the production and demand for her products across the country.

After taste testings the Coconut Girl product, it was clear that many Sharks were interested in partnering with Frankie, however, Mark Cuban was the first Shark to strike. Citing his health lifestyle and brand image, Mark feels strongly that he could get behind the Coconut Girl product and expand the brand. As Mark does when he gets really excited about a product, he extended an offer to Frankie but wanted her to make a decision right away without hearing any of the other Sharks’ offers. Although Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary tried to sneak other offers in, Mark and Frankie agreed to a $180,000 investment in exchange for 20% equity in Coconut Girl.

What do you think of Mark Cuban’s offer and partnership with Coconut Girl? Do you think that it is fair of him to put entrepreneurs on the spot and not allow them to entertain other offers without risk of losing his? If you were Frankie would you have accepted his offer? Start the conversation in the comments below!

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