This Sunday, at 7pm ET/4 PT, the 85th Academy Awards will be airing on ABC and Seth MacFarlane will be hosting. He will be hosting for the first time and is nervous because this award show in particular has the most pressure in entertainment when it comes to hosting. The Oscars has a worldwide audience and could be potentially viewed by a billion people.

MacFarlane is the creator of TV series like American Dad and Family Guy. He also was involved with the recent comedy, Ted. As the host, he is hoping to attract to attract a younger audience for the award show. He is aware of the stakes, because some hosts in the past have not done so well, so he has created a plan of looking for a friendly face in the audience, and those faces will most likely be Denzel Washington or Joaquin Phoenix. It is a different way to go about it, but as long as he has a plan to get him through it, he should be able to be a great host.

Decline in viewers 

The Oscars have not been as popular as they had once been, and producers are hoping that Macfarlane may be able to turn it around and one way he may be able to do that is to appeal to younger viewers. Hosts that were chosen to appeal to certain demographics have failed in the past, but this year could be different.

Seth MacFarlane is well known for his comedy that can sometimes be R-rated, especially as the host of Comedy Central’s celebrity roast, so with that in mind, a lot of people are curious about what he’s going to do, and this could bring in more viewers as well. However, producers are stressing that it will still be appropriate for families.

Sneak Peaks 

The producers have leaked some information to get people about the show. The show will include musical performances by

  • Barbra Streisand
  • Adele
  • Seth MacFarlane, who is also said to be dancing as well

MacFarlane was onboard with hosting this year’s Academy Awards as soon as the producers asked him to do so, and he is really excited about it. His ideology of being a good host is setting the right tone and reaching out to the viewers at home.

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