Sean Bean, star of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, is set to star in a new six-part period crime drama titled The Frankenstein Chronicles. Bean will star as Inspector John Marlott in this thrilling and terrifying re-imagining of the Frankenstein story.

Set in 1827 London, the series has Inspector Marlott stumbling across a body washed up on shore. However, upon further inspection, he makes a shocking discovery: the body is a crude assembly of several different body parts. Marlott is then tasked on tracking down the perpetrator of the crime, and begins to discover he is dealing with someone more horrific than he could have possibly imagined.

“Marlott’s investigation takes him into the dark corners of Regency London,” says Ross. “He discovers an underworld of prostitution, drug smuggling, bodysnatching, and murder for profit. The rational evidence points first one way, and then another as he contemplates a frightening alternate scenario.”

It has been commissioned to air on ITV Encore. Shooting starts in Northern Ireland in January.

Frankenstein was originally a novel written by Mary Shelley in 1818, and the name is often erroneous referred to a the monster itself, when in fact Frankenstein is the scientist who created the monster. The monster has been the influence of countless creatures since it’s conception, and the book having been adapted into countless films, plays, spin off novels, and television shows.

On a related note, Sean Bean is notorious for dying in everything. So notorious, in fact, that it has become a joke in and of itself. He has died in over 20 different movies, most notably Game of Thrones, Goldeneye, and Lord of the Rings! I’ve included a montage of all his death scenes below, a YouTube video with over 1.5 million views:

I wonder if he’ll die at the end of The Frankenstein Chronicles?