Romeo Beckham’s Burberry ad is creating major headlines, though probably not for the reason you might expect. The former Spice Girl’s 12-year-old son earned a staggering $70,000 paycheck for a single day’s work as a model.

Not surprisingly, the lucrative payday for the young lad is not sitting well with other established Burberry models, most of whom earn less than half that rate and others as less as $5,000 per photo shoot. For the apparel company, though, it appears that the money was well spent.

Some of Burberry’s other high profile models include Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, both of whom recently promoted the grand opening of a Burberry store in Paris. While young Romeo has yet to earn the dollar signs equal to what Moss and Delevingne has earned, his payment is still beyond exceptional considering his age and the fact that he’s a male. Guys on average typically earn less in the modeling industry compared to their female counterparts.

Romeo Beckham’s Burberry ad and subsequent paycheck is all thanks to Simon Fuller, who was formerly the Spice Girl’s manager and the man responsible for turning the Beckham name into a brand.

In the advert, Romeo takes on a cupid-like role while donning signature Burberry apparel, including a black suit, trench coat, and cashmere scarf. This is also Romeo’s second stint with the company. The previous year, the boy appeared in a spring/summer advertising campaign.

To put Romeo Beckham’s Burberry ad and payday in perspective, he earned $70K for one 8-hour work day. That is $172 for every minute of work and about twice the figure of what an average working class American would make in a year working full-time. Sure, the mere thought of it does send some blood boiling and can be hard to swallow for ordinary folks, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles.