There have been several films that have been adapted into a Broadway Musical, the latest one was ‘Madeline’. Now it has been announced that ‘Rocky’ will be appearing on Broadway soon. There is a musical of the famous film that was a huge success in Germany, and now Sylvester Stallone wants to bring it to the States.

The show will closely follow the plot of the film which focuses on a debt collector who is also an amateur boxer named Rocky Balboa.

The Rocky films are especially famous for the scene of Balboa running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and raising his arms in the air and the quote, “Yo, Adrian!”. It has not been confirmed whether or not these two will be in the musical, but fans are hoping that they will. The German production of the show also included ‘Gonna Fly Now’ and ‘Eye of the Tiger’ which are pieces of music that is often associated with the films and it has been confirmed that they will also be included in the Broadway version.

This is not the first musical that relate to boxing to appear on Broadway. Mike Tyson had a one man show that focused on his life boxing career as well as life outside of the ring and Clifford Odet’s ‘Golden Boy’, a play about a man trying to choose between boxing and being a violinist.

The official title is ‘Rocky:Das Musical’ and is produced by Sylvester Stallone and Stage Entertainment USA. Producers are planning to have the show to be up and running by Feburary at New York’s Winter Garden Theatre since it had a successful debut last fall in Hamburg. The musical will have a score by Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens (‘Ragtime’) and a story written by Thomas Meehan (‘The Producers’ and ‘Hairspray’).