Robin Wright and Ben Foster have called off their engagement, according to multiple sources.

These sources blame hectic work schedules as well as the vast age gap between the 48-year old Wright and 34-year old Foster. “She got swept up in the engagement last Christmas, but then their schedules got crazy and she realized it wasn’t the right decision,” one source told Us Weekly.

The two actors met on the set of their film, Rampart, back in 2011. In February of 2012 they announced that they were  couple, and two years later Wright confirmed the engagement with E! News, calling Foster “the hottest” and saying “I’m very blessed.” But it was apparent the schedule of the two stars became an issue with their relationship.

While shooting episodes for her hit Netflix series House of Cards over the last year, Wright has been spending her free time in Los Angeles visiting her kids Dylan and Hopper, whom she had with Sean Penn during their marriage. Meanwhile, Foster has been working on a stage production of A Streetcar Named Desire in London.

As for the age gap, that apparently became a larger issue. A source close to the actress told US Weekly that Wright felt Foster was “kind of immature” and “she couldn’t deal with him anymore.”

Robin Wright first hit fame for her role in The Princess Bride, and earned a Golden Globe nomination for playing Jenny in Forrest Gump in 1994. Her film credits include Message In A Bottle, Unbreakable, and Moneyball. Foster, who was first noticed in the HBO series Six Feet Under, has carved a solid career as a diverse actor in films like 3:10 To Yuma, The Messenger, and most recently Lone Survivor.

The engagement between Robin Wright and Ben Foster would have been the third marriage for Wright, who was previously married to Sean Penn and Dane Witherspoon.

[photo credit: Marco Manna Photography]