Authorities confirmed that rapper Big Paybacc was killed after being shot multiple times inside a McDonald’s restaurant in Palmdale. The shooter is still at large, and law enforcement believes that Paybacc was the intentional target.

According to witnesses, Paybacc was seated inside a McDonald’s and having lunch when the assailant entered the establishment and aimed directly for the rapper. There was no altercation or words exchanged; the shooter went in, open fired, and exited just as quickly as he entered.

Paybacc’s girlfriend, Jessica Jefferson was with him just minutes before the shooting. According to her accounts, he was at her home just before leaving to grab a bite. When she drove to the restaurant and witnessed a chaotic scene and his truck in the parking lot, she knew something horribly was wrong and fell to her knees upon learning that Big Paybacc was killed.

MyFox-LA reported the following statement that she made to the press:

“I just knew it. I passed by here and I saw his truck. We were moving in together. You know we just talked to a landlord the day before and all his belongings are in the back of his truck we were going to move in together.”

Upon hearing the news, his fans have sent their condolences via Twitter with the hashtag #RIPBigPayBacc.

While there are no suspects at this time, the shooting does appear that it may be gang related. The rapper and his crew were known to be affiliated with the infamous Los Angeles street gang, the Crips. He was also involved in a public feud back in 2008 with fellow emcee Lil Wayne.

With Big Paybacc killed in such an abrupt and violent manner, it does raise the question of the rap business and the industry’s often questionable associations with local gangs. The rapper was born Habeeb Ameer Zekajj and rose to prominence with the release of Gangsta Luv 2011. He leaves behind three children.