People born in the ‘80s can still distinctly remember the retro look of the videogames of that time. From Super Mario Bros. to Pac-Man to Space Invaders, we were enthralled and entertained by their simple 8-bit adventures.

Now who ever thought that very same retro look would actually work with the highly-exclusive and highly-artistic world of fashion? Here are some of them:

1. Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga endeavored to merge the two seemingly unrelated realms of old-school video games and high fashion into one attention-grabbing look.

Morinaga’s fashion studio Anrealage showcased its 8-bit fashion collection in Japan Fashion Week in 2011, featuring a full range of winter/autumn clothing. From jackets to dresses to stockings to shoes, everything looks and feels classic and futuristic at the same time.

Translucent eyewear covered the faces of the models, strutting in their pixelated outfits to live MIDI-like VGM by a pianist. Pumps were raised by blocky heels. Bright accessories dangled on neck and lapels.

Like the charming aesthetic of 8-bit video games, these clothes are seemingly normal from afar, but a closer look bares their bizarre design.

2. French fashion studio SAMAL Design have come up with pixelated glasses, increasing the geek factor by the power of ten with the jagged frames and neon temples.

3. Elroy Kree, a designer from Holland, used LEGOs to construct full wigs of varying colors, mimicking chic hairstyles and coming up with his own wacky designs.

4. ThinkGeek, a website dedicated to selling products of the geeky nature, has an 8-bit tie up for sale. The black-bordered diagonal stripe design is perfect for those in the IT crowd wanting to stand out and be proud of their geeky selves. It comes in blue or red, and it doesn’t even need any tying because of its clip-on style.

5. The Pixel Swimsuit is sure to turn some heads with its tongue-in-cheek provocative design. This flesh-colored two-piece covers everything, but a view from afar might get guys double-taking as it “shows” the private parts of women in the right spots but all blurred out.

6. The creative community Carmichael Collective goes for the same aesthetic as the Pixel Swimsuit but not as risqué. The Censorship Towel wraps bathers perfectly, but sports a design that looks like how any person would appear when censored.

These designs don’t just bring the fun of retro video games but also work as graphic design resources for the playful designers feeling nostalgic.

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