The Perks of Being a Wall Flower

You’ve been in this situation, I’m sure. You see a preview for a movie. A movie trailer. A trailer that gets you so excited, you might even forget what you’re there to see at that moment. And maybe you even think of that trailer the first five minutes of the film you just paid 11 bucks to see. But here’s the REAL kicker. All those elements. Everything you loved in those two minutes of a preview. Were a lie. That movie finally is released….and IT. IS. AWFUL. And the Perks of Being a Wallflower’s new trailer, can quite possibly fit that profile.

Now, the film isn’t out in the theaters yet. And I haven’t read the book. But this trailer has so many elements that have duped me before, I just can’t help, but have some reservations. At the same time though, I can’t stop watching this trailer. So you’re probably asking, “what makes a trailer so fantastic that sometimes gets me duped?”

Well, here are some of the consistent formulas that I have found and are indeed, in this trailer:

  • The fast beat music, which very well could be the score (you may find yourself tapping your leg to it)
  • Introducing an underdog, a hero, (who also just so happens to be very attractive) who is out of luck in the dumps
  • Lines that make you laugh and smile (a lot of the time, best one liners in the movie)
  • Quotes that really hit home and the lead, Logan Lerman, nails it (1:46 in the trailer)
  • And of course, the most popular song on the radio that you already love or will now be downloading on your iPhone

Now, it changes based on genre. And it’s not always the case a trailer is better than the film, I’m just saying it is VERY quite possible, this could be that scenario. With the exception of Paul Rudd and Emma Watson, how many great films have you seen with the rest of the cast?

Regardless, I for one am going to read this book, and hope to be proven wrong when Perks of Being a Wall Flower is released this year.

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