Orlando Bloom was speeding in Malibu and was busted for it by the California Highway Patrol. Not only that, but the actor apparently didn’t get away with any “I’m a celebrity” nonsense because he drove off with a ticket in hand.

According to a new report from X17Online, Bloom was pulled over by the police about an hour ago and received a citation for speeding. It was not yet said how fast the actor was going or whether or not there were any other violations attached to the ticket, but he appeared to be wearing his seatbelt in photos taken at the scene.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s department was not yet made aware of the ticket for the actor, but a source at the scene said that Bloom was stopped as he made his way down the Pacific Coast Highway toward Los Angeles. The source said that the police had the actor pull his vehicle into the Ralph’s parking lot at the Malibu Colony Center.

Orlando Bloom received a speeding ticket and was left to go on about his business. No other details have been released at the time of this writing, but we are pretty sure he isn’t sweating a speeding ticket. He was probably in a hurry, but it still does not excuse putting the pedal to the metal. Despite that, we’re guessing that he has learned his lesson – or that he certainly doesn’t mind paying a nominal fee for a minor inconvenience.

Bloom’s speeding ticket was received by the actor along with a small fine to be paid to the city. It wasn’t said as to whether or not the actor was driving alone or if his son Flynn was in the car with him. From the photos at the source, we can only assume that he was alone or his son was in the backseat. Either way, stay safe Orlando!

[Photo Credit: Claire via Flickr]