Norman Reedus’ Reddit AMA was bound to be awesome, but the Walking Dead star blew it out of the water with revelations about a Bethyl romance, his destructive frustration at a certain video game, plans for Andrew Lincoln’s beard, and more.

Norman Reedus’ entire Reddit AMA is here, but below are the 11 best revelations, in no particular order, from the star best known as Daryl Dixon.

  • The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, in which Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) dies, was the saddest episode for him.
  • Was there a chance of his character having a romance with Beth, if she hadn’t died? Norman says there was a taste of it in the air.
  • The most annoying thing about being a celebrity is that his son, Mingus, keeps getting kicked off social media because of fanss making fake accounts.
  • Speaking of Mingus, the kid dragged Reedus into playing Call Of Duty, leading to Norman smashing controllers with a hammer in frustration.
  • He’ll be in two movies coming out in 2015: Air and Triple Nine.
  • If he wasn’t playing the character of Daryl Dixon, he thinks he might enjoy playing Judith instead — “[I] could just eat and poop and sleep thru it.”
  • Can we expect more devastating moments in season five? “Well duh.”
  • Norman is stuck on level 246 of Candy Crush. “I hate that level.”
  • He doesn’t use the crossbow off the set, but has a compound bow he likes to play with. “There are arrows stuck in all the trees in my backyard.”
  • When he signed on for The Walking Dead, he had no idea his character would survive so long. “It was such a well written script i just wanted to be involved in any way possible for however long they would have me around.”
  • Yes, he still has Andrew Lincoln’s beard in his fridge, and plans to clone it and make an ‘army of Andys.’
  • Close up. Yup. #ricksbeard. In tha fridge.

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    He also took the opportunity to plug a t-shirt he’s designed for Represent. The proceeds go to The Felix Organization, which benefits children in the foster care system. Norman Reedus says he plans to design three more shirts, to benefit other charities. (Plus, check out those sweet bunny slippers.)

    Designed a shirt proceeds go to the FELIX ORGANIZATION (help some kids out )

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    Reedus is definitely a fan favorite on one of the most popular shows to ever hit television. Overall, Norman Reedus’ Reddit AMA may be one of the most epic AMA’s ever hosted.

    Photo: Norman Reedus Instagram