Ever watched one of those reality singing shows such as American Idol, The Voice, or X Factor and watched your favorite constants go home? Ever wished there was something you had more control or felt that the judges just didn’t have any clue what they were doing? With ABC’s new show Rising Star, all of that can change because the results are completely in your control.

ABC released a new trailer for the upcoming reality show Rising Star that explains just how different this seemingly normal singing competition is from its competitors. It’s an interactive singing competition where the live viewing audience has complete control and can determine the fate of contestants in real time. The show’s diverse panel of judges – Ludacris, Kesha, and Brad Paisley – along with host Josh Groban — explain the concept of this program in the new promo (seen above). The series will have no result show and the singers will find out their progress instantly based off of audience votes, no waiting required. The show will grant instant gratification to all who are just too tired of waiting.

There is also an added bonus of the potential for audience members to see their face appear on the video wall that stands between the competitors and the fame they so badly want. All you have to do is download the app, watch real time, and vote. As Ludacris says this show is “cutting edge” and it proves that live television may never be the same. The concept is different and it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out. Definitely check it out just to see! Rising Star will premiere Sunday, June 22 at 9pm ET on ABC.