New Pokken Tournament Trailer

It’s a highly anticipated fighting game where the worlds of Pokemon and Tekken collide, and the new ‘Pokken Tournament’ trailer has finally arrived.

The new ‘Pokken Tournament’ trailer gives us some looks at the gameplay and the fighting locations.

The biggest reveal in the trailer are the new characters, which happen to be some familiar Pokemon faces.

The legendary water-type Suicune, the dual type psychic/fairy Gardevoir, and the most famous Pokemon of all Pikachu have entered the fray.

You can watch the new ‘Pokken Tournament’ trailer below.

As of right now, the roster for ‘Pokken Tournament’ has six fighters confirmed: Lucario, Machamp, Blaziken, Suicune, Gardevoir, and Pikachu.

There will also be Pokemon assist characters, which are Emolga, Fennekin, Snivy, and Lapras so far.

We’ll surely see more fan favorite Pokemon announced as fighters soon.

There will be no Tekken characters in the game.

After viewing the new ‘Pokken Tournament’ trailer, how do you think it is shaping up to be?

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