New Zelda Footage

New Legend of Zelda footage has been revealed at The Game Awards, and it is shaping out to be one of the biggest video games ever created. Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma, Zelda’s lead producer, controls it and the creator of the series Shigeru Miyamoto adds his commentary to the sneak peak of the upcoming blockbuster for Wii U.

The new Zelda footage that has been shown at The Game Awards is available to watch below.

The first footage of the new Legend of Zelda game was revealed at E3 earlier this year, and Nintendo showed of an exciting cinematic. Now we actually get a glimpse at Link in action and the gameplay mechanics.

The new Zelda’s footage begins with Link looking over a horizon during a beautiful sunset. The Nintendo creators pinpoint a location to go to, and then Link jumps off a cliff using the his ‘Sailcloth’.

New Legend of Zelda footage has been revealed, and there’s honestly no better finale to The Game Awards. The new Zelda displays a map, with the ability to zoom in on the Wii U gamepad, while the action takes place on the TV screen.

The new Zelda’s map is enormous, and travel will be made easy with the Hero of Time’s trusty steed Epona, who won’t be running into any trees thanks to a mechanic implemented in the game. Link is able to swing his sword on his horse, shoot and aim arrows, and attack enemies with an aerial dismount using your bow in slow motion.

Nintendo gives us a nice surprise with the reveal, and the new Legend of Zelda game looks incredibly stunning, displaying an art style all it’s own. There will surely be more footage to come before it releases in 2015, and the game looks likes it’s off to a great start.

New Legend of Zelda footage has been revealed, and there’s another good reason to buy a Wii U. Are you stoked for the new Zelda game?