526px-BruceWillisLFDHpremiere07There were several films that premiered for this year’s Valentine’s Day. The newest Nicholas Sparks film adaptation, “Safe Haven,” and “Beautiful Creatures” were released and aimed at young women for the holiday. However, they will most likely not stand up to the newest “Die Hard” film. “A Good Day to Die Hard,” the fifth movie in the series staring Bruce Willis has been predicted to make at least $55 million during its first weekend.

“A Good Day to Die Hard” continues the story of Detective John McClane, played by Bruce Willis, but this time he travels to Moscow to help his son, played by Jai Courtney, who is a CIA agent and they end up teaming up to complete the mission. The film includes car chases, a lot of gun fights, and many of John McClane’s well-known sarcastic remarks and catchphrases including “Yippie-ki-yay.” The main story is about completing the mission and beating the bad guys. However, there is also a side plot about McClane trying to reform his connection to his son who he hasn’t talked to in a long time. This is the first “Die Hard” film since 2007 with “Live Free or Die Hard” which made $134.5 million domestically making it the highest-grossing film of the franchise. The series first started in 1988 with “Die Hard.”

Although “Die Hard” fans will be lining up to see the film, it is not the best of the franchise. The film has gotten mixed reviews, but despite that, the film will do better than “Safe Haven” and “Beautiful Creatures.” They are both based off of books, but they have not been able to impress audiences. Nicholas Sparks’s films have always done well, especially after “The Notebook;” however, it has received the worst reviews of all the films that have premiered this weekend. “Beautiful Creatures” also has not been getting great reviews.

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