It’s music festival season and, if you’re anything like me, that means two things: Road trip and camping!  I absolutely love this season.  The electric feel of music is in the air, and the moderately warm temperature makes it comfy enough to be in shorts and sun dresses.  This is the time to bring your inner camper and boy/girl scout.  And like any smart scout, you need to be prepared for anything and everything.  My scout version is the techie scout.  Here are a few gadgets which can make your music festival experience easier, better, and more fun:

music festival


Of course, your number one must-have gadget is your business phone.  Apart from keeping in contact with your friends and business contacts, the myriad of useful apps you can install can help improve your experience.  Think about how much easier it will be without having to bring a separate flashlight, map, GPS, camera, and notepad.  All these can be conveniently installed in your smartphone.  Another neat tool to install will be the official app of the festival you’re attending, like the official Coachella app, can be very helpful in finding out event schedules, artist line-up, and other essential information about the event.  But if you ask me, the swankiest app you have to have in your smartphone will be one of those “name that tune” apps like Soundhound. Think about it: one of the best parts of being in a music festival is discovering new songs and artists.  Just turn on the app when you hear a song you’re not familiar with, and it will identify the title and artist, and conveniently set links and tags so you can buy or share the song.

Smartphone Charger

Yes, there will be charging stations during most festivals but believe me, those lines will be long.  A portable charger, and/or a phone casing that doubles as a charger (even a car charger if you’re bringing a car) will save you time and headache.  Just be sure to juice up on both the battery and the case before you head out to the campsite.

Portable Speaker

As much time as you’ll be spending in the festival grounds you’ll be spending a lot of time in the campsite as well.  Keep the party going by your tent by bringing a portable speaker with you.  After all, what’s a music festival without music?


If the flurry of sound during naptime becomes too much, headphones will really come in handy.  You can either drown out the noise by playing soothing music of your choice or simply using them as makeshift earplugs.  Just because it’s a time to be live and loud, doesn’t mean you have to lose on much needed shut eye.

Portable grill

Food at the festival can take a big chunk out of your budget, and you can’t exactly allow yourself to starve.  A portable electric grill (because charcoal is usually not allowed in the grounds) can help you save a buck or two.  You’re in a tent at a campsite anyway.  Unleash your inner camper and feast the old fashioned camper’s way.

Portable Coffee Maker

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to forgo certain necessities.  A lot of people need coffee to properly function.  If, like me, you’re iffy about your coffee, a portable coffee maker like Flip-N-Drip lets you have that sweet nectar of the gods your way.  Just boil water in the carafe, attach the filter and mug, flip the whole thing over, and wait ten minutes.  It works just as well for tea, freeze-dried food, or hot alcohol mixes.

Portable Fan

Remember that it’s going to be hot, so a battery powered handy fan will do wonders for heat.  If you’re feeling fancy, get one with a built-in water mister.  You don’t have to go high-tech all the way with your gadgets.  Trust me; this simple little gadget makes a big difference.